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Autograph Auction Houses- Tips to Buy Authentic Sports Memorabilia

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Buying sports memorabilia online is no longer a mammoth task. There are several options available to you. However, what most people fail to realize is several fake websites are operating in the market. They are selling products that are not genuine. Even the FBI has discovered that almost 70-90% of sports memorabilia sold on online sites are fake.

Tips by credible autograph auction houses for checking whether the signature is authentic or not

Credible autograph auction houses state that when it comes to collecting sports memorabilia in the market, there are several pitfalls. This is why they need to be careful. They have to ensure that the items they buy are legitimate. When shopping for such products, you need to check whether a prominent third-party authentication service has authenticated the item or not. The second option is to purchase items that come from signing events organized by credible promoters of an event. You should check the signature of the autograph to ensure it is not mechanically produced. When you are checking the signature of the autograph, make sure to run your thumb over its outline. In case, the signature is flat; then the autograph is a real piece. However, if the signature is rough and you can feel its texture, then the item is a fake piece.

Determine whether the signature has been copied or not?

Experts in the field say that when you are looking for real autographs, you must have basic knowledge of signature and pattern. When it comes to sports memorabilia, the item can be mass produced with the signature of the celebrity. Autopens are generally used, and they replicate the signature of the sports star on a large scale. These autopens are not manufactured to deceive anyone. They are made for the convenience of the celebrity who wishes to sign many items with the same pen. The pattern that these autopens use is simple for you to recognize. They are used in the market widely for comparison as well.

Again, there are cases where the celebrity may ask his or her secretary to sign items on behalf of them. This is a common practice and not considered to be a criminal act. In the world of autographs, you will find that real signature of a celebrity has real monetary value. However, you need time to determine whether the signature is authentic or not. At times, the task can be really tricky and hard.

Experts from credible autograph auction houses say the signature of an individual is his or her personal identifier. Even the emotions and the moods of a person influence the signature of an individual. The signature of the same person can vary throughout the day or with his or her mood. You can tell the difference between a rushed or a composed signature by the same person. Experts again state the only way via which you can make sure the signature is authentic or not is actually to witness it being signed in person.

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