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How Can I Move To Australia?

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If you’re looking to up sticks from the UK and relocate to a more favourable part of the world, then many locations might have taken your fancy. Canada, with its welcoming culture and liberal politics, might prove attractive. The UAE, with its vast oil wealth and commercial opportunities, might prove similarly alluring.

For most people, however, one destination frequently crops up near the very summit of the wish-list: and that’s Australia. With its gorgeous scenery and vibrant plant and animal life, it’s an island paradise that couldn’t be further removed from the one we Britons inhabit. But at the same time, it’s possessed of a culture and language that would-be migrants from the UK will find reassuringly familiar.

But obtaining Australian citizenship isn’t as straightforward as many of us might imagine. For most would-be migrants, it requires getting through the points-based immigration system – which awards points based on the qualities you’ll be able to contribute to Australian society. If you’ve an in-demand job, then you’ll be awarded more points, and be placed at an advantage. Of course, things aren’t quite so simple as that: there are also an array of other obstacles which just be surmounted. Let’s go through the process of making the switch.

Getting started

To begin the process, it’s important to be sure that emigrating to Australia is something that you actually, really want to do. To be sure of this, you’ll need to arrange to visit the country. Make sure that it’s a visit to the part of the country you’re looking to move to. Now, it might be that you’ve already made such a trip, and that it inspired you to seek to make the move. In that case, you’ll be able to skip this step.

Next, it’s worth weighing the financial implications of the decision. Come up with a baseline figure of how much it’ll cost, including everything from flights to accommodation to visa. Once you’ve arrived at a figure, you can start a plan to put together the necessary funds. Be sure, however, that your fundraising is a little more generous than required – you don’t, after all, want to be left short.

You’ll want to investigate the visa requirements for any family members and pets you’re taking along. The latter research can be performed a little bit later on, as you’ll be able to rush it through in just a year or so.

Getting Moving

When you’ve done the necessary research, it’ll be time to put the wheels in motion. Look for an interview with an Australian employer. There are myriad jobs in Australia, and securing one before you make the move will give you the best possible opportunity to be successful in your move. Next, you’ll want to search for a school for your children – and appraise their existing school in the UK of your intention to move.

If you’ve got a lot of furniture in your home, then you’ll be faced with a choice. You can either pay to have it shipped to the other side of the planet, or you can simply get rid of it. In most cases, the latter option will be preferable – you’ll take a loss selling a relatively new sofa, but that loss will probably be eclipsed by the cost of shipping it such a long distance.

As the day of the move approaches, you’ll want to sever more ties in the UK. Make sure all of the services you’re currently subscribed to are cancelled by the time you get moving. This means your TV, internet and phone, as well as your home insurance and rent. If you’re selling your property before you move, you’ll need to pay for temporary accommodation in the meanwhile – which makes it especially important to finish up as close to the date of your flight as possible.

You’ll want to either transition your existing bank account to Australia, or cancel it and open up a new one when you arrive. In the first stages after your move, you’ll need to get around, so book a hire car, ready for when you first disembark.

Getting Finished

If you miss your flight for a holiday it can be disastrous – if you miss it when moving permanently the effect might be cataclysmic, as it’ll throw all of your other plans out of kilter. Before making your move, it’s important to say your final goodbyes – so be sure you’ve arranged time for leaving parties and other get-togethers. This will help you to overcome those pre-move jitters!

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