Three Reasons to Consider a Walk In Tub for Your Bathing Needs

Three Reasons to Consider a Walk In Tub for Your Bathing Needs

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Walk in tubs with jets or walk in showers may be exactly the solution you’re looking for if you or a loved one have mobility needs. These tubs and showers are designed to keep the user safe even as they enjoy all the comforts of a conventional tub and then some. Here are three reason to consider bringing a walk in tub into your home.

Keep a Favorite Way to Relax

Just because it’s handicap accessible doesn’t mean your new tub can’t also have all the bells and whistles. Walk in tubs with jet scombine all the best luxuries of a whirlpool tub with all the safety features you need to feel secure. Relax with a heated seat and back rest, while allowing multiple jets to massage away all the worries of the day. Also make use of the aromatherapy and light therapy features that may be available with your chosen model.

Or maybe the shower is your preferred way to bath? Continue to find the comforting feel of warm water on the back of your neck with a walk in shower, or the shower features available with your walk in tub. Easy to reach controls and a shower wand that can be used as a hand held make this a continued reality. Utilize the quick on off button of your shower wand to have water only when you want it.

Safety is a Priority

They say one in three people over the age of 65 fall each year, and that two-thirds of accidents in the bathroom happen near a shower or tub. Handicap accessible tubes are designed with all the safety features necessary to prevent slips and falls. These walk in tubs with jets are no different.

When your tub is created with anti-slip flooring, low thresholds for easy step over, and secure grab bars, you can feel at peace whenever you or a loved one bathe. These walk in tubs also include reachable controls, and easy to turn handles and knobs. Feel confidante in maintaining daily routines and keeping the Independence in everyday life.

Maintaining Independence

A loss in mobility doesn’t have to mean a loss in independence. With the options available for walk in tubs with jets, many people find they can continue to enjoy one of their most peaceful refugees just as

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