Tie-Down Solutions for Every Possible Situation

Tie-Down Solutions for Every Possible Situation

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There can be hundreds of situations that require something to be secured. A trucker transporting a load needs to make sure it has absolutely no possibility of coming loose. A person working at home might have to secure a gate that won’t stay shut.Or a camper might have to find a way to get a tarp up in the rain. These are just a few of the situations where a versatile tool is required to cinch down an item. These tools come in many forms. It could be an elastic shock cord, or bungee cord, a strong piece of webbing made from cloth or a synthetic material,a strap or a belt, or it could be a piece of hardware such as a plastic lock or a metal buckle. In most cases, people run from place to place, trying to find the right tool for the job. The good news is that all of these useful devices can be found online in one location.

Shock Cord or Bungee Cord

 A bungee cord is simply one of the most useful tools on the planet. It can be used at home, in the military and in industrial applications. At home it can be used to give extra security when transporting bikes on a car or when moving furniture. An elastic shock cord is a rubber cord of elastic strands encased in a durable outer layer. The jacket is usually made of abrasive-resistant nylon or polypropylene. It can come in all lengths and thicknesses and in a variety of colors. One advantage of these cords is that they don’t require the user to have knowledge of tying knots. They come with plastic hooks on the end for easy attachment to loads.


 This is another versatile tool that can be used in many situations. Webbing can be made of many different materials and has varied looks and textures.It can be ordered in cotton, nylon and polypropylene materials, as well as such environmentally-friendly materials as hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester. Webbing is suitable for uses in military, industrial and residential applications. Webbing can be made in lightweight and heavyweight versions. Webbing can come in many colors and attractive patterns and can be elastic or non-elastic. Customers can special order just about any combination of color, material and size by talking with a company representative.

Strap and Cord Assembly

 A multitude of strap and cord assemblies are available online, too. These come in an array of lengths, sizes and colors and have a variety of hooks, locks and buckles to go with the straps, belts and cords. They also come in elastic and non-elastic styles. Products include a webbing camera strap, a moving strap with a floating buckle, a woven nylon cell phone strap, and a nylon boat strap. All of these products can be adapted to the most appropriate usage.

An elastic shock cord is just one of the many products that can be ordered from one convenient site online. The customer should be able to find just what is needed to get the job done.

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