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Tips to Store Firewood with a Good Quality Fireplace Wood Holder

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When you are storing firewood in your home, you should stack them properly. If you toss your firewood carelessly, it will become damp. Wood stored in the wrong way will retain moisture that results in mold, fungus and premature decay. If the wood is not stored correctly, it will attract rodents and insects.

Fireplace wood holder how should you store firewood in the right way?

Experts say that when you are storing firewood, you should expose the cut ends. These are the places where moisture sets in. A good fire needs dry wood, so when you expose the cut ends, you will dry your firewood. Most homeowners stack their wood in single rows. Every piece of the firewood should be placed in such a manner that the cut ends are exposed at the front and back of the stack. You can also maximize dry air by placing the woods in a different direction when you stack them in the fireplace wood holder.

The right way to stack the wood 4 simple tips

The following are four simple tips for you to store firewood before bringing them home and placing them on a firewood holder:

  • When you are storing wood, make sure they are stacked loosely.
  • Do not stack them too tightly with the intent to save space. You must allow the air to pass through each log of wood.
  • Firewood experts say when you are using split firewood, i.e., bark on one side you must pay attention to the way the firewood is stacked. For instance, if you are stacking firewood first on the ground and you are concerned about it collecting moisture from the soil, you must stack the wood with the bark faced to the ground in case the wood is green and needs to be dried further.
  • Remember, to protect your wood from snow and rain. Keep them inside a cover as this will help them remain dry before you bring them home and store them in your fireplace holder.

Purchase firewood holders online

The convenient and simple way to store firewood for your home is to invest in a fireplace wood holder. You can find them in local and online stores with ease. If you wish to save time and money, shop online from credible websites that promise to give you top quality products at amazing prices. These fireplace wood holders come in different shapes and sizes. They are handy in structure as they help you to keep your wood organized in a neat way. Moreover, these holders help you to keep your firewood off from the ground. You can keep the wood inside the home and make it readily accessible when you need to light and heat the fire.

Therefore, when you are looking for a fireplace wood holder for your home, invest in a product that is durable and safe. Choose attractive designs and styles online so that you can match your holder with the interior d├ęcor of your home. The firewood holder is convenient for you to store and keep firewood dry for a long-lasting and warm fire on cold winter days!

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